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No matter how well you try to protect your car, you will inevitably run into one problem: dents. Dents, scratches, dings.. you could bubble-wrap your car and still end up with a dent. Maybe it was an accident, maybe you backed into something, or maybe you made someone very angry – no matter what you do, dents are inevitable. The question is what you do to remove them. Most people will let dents sit forever if possible – but that’s bad for the car’s value, as well as the actual car. Over time, paint becomes brittle and more prone to cracking and breaking. Your car’s paint is easiest to repair after the dent because it already stretched once, it’s just a matter of moving it back. Letting a dent sit for years will only let the paint job age more and it may end up being more expensive for you to get repaired.
That’s where Charlotte paintless dent repair steps in to save you. It’s cost-effective and easy on your car. The alternative dent repair solution is to go for a traditional panel beating, which involves removing parts, shattering the paint, and then fixing the dent and repainting it – sounds labor-extensive and expensive to us. That’s why Charlotte paintless dent repair helps you. It’s a way of removing dents that does not involve damaging or having to repaint your car, much less remove metal panels. It’s easier on you and your budget – so much that insurance companies are known to waive the deductible if you decide to get Charlotte paintless dent repair. They know it works and they like the smaller bills – who would have thought?

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