When Should You Get PDR?

When insurance agencies start backing something up, that’s when you know that it’s good. We don’t see insurance agencies lining up to pay their customers to get things done on their car very often – in fact, we’ve gotten used to them trying to find reasons not to pay for your car improvement projects. However, if your car is covered in dents and you need to find some kind of quick fix, Indianapolis paintless dent repair is the one for you.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair is one of today’s best methods when it comes to combating dents and dings in the side of your vehicle. Due to the technology and skill used when performing the removal method, it spares the car’s paint job and saves you a few thousand dollars at the least. It’s easy to see why insurance companies would like this method now that it saves them the cost of aftermarket paint.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair is effective, quick, and most companies are mobile and more than willing to show up and take care of the job right in your driveway. We go wherever you go. We understand that you can’t just leave your car in a shop and then try to find a ride, so we come to you with all our tools ready to go. If you’re looking for a dent removal method that works and doesn’t cost next month’s mortgage to give semi-decent results, then this is it – and we’ll make your car look like the day you got it if we can help it!

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