What exactly is Paintless Dent Removal?

Recently, a new dent repair strategy has been taking the car world by storm, offering a cost-effective way of getting rid of small dents. Whether your car got its battle scars from a parking lot or a mailbox at 3 in the morning, Indianapolis paintless dent repair services are here to make it a painless process. This new method can remove dents as big as a baseball without the technician having to do any sanding or repainting. The process can even leave your car looking dent-free, like the day you first bought it. It’s such an effective dent removal strategy that a lot of auto body repair shops have begun following this trend. Insurance companies have grown fond of the method too, because it’s a less costly way of treating hail damage and other weather-based dents.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair is cheaper and faster, and relies on using specialized equipment and specific techniques. The technician needs to employ controlled amounts of strength in order to push, pull, and smooth the dent back to its original shape. There are several other steps that they have to take in order to ensure that the end result is as precise as possible, and that the paint is left unharmed.

Because of the level of expertise needed to carry out this dent repair method, you need to sift through all kinds of different body shops. Focus on experience rather than the price, because your car was a big investment and it is important to choose a technician with a track record of providing quality work.

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