The Basics Of Paintless Dent Repair

Dents are no good to our cars, and they’re too easy to make. One wrong move with the shopping cart, one bad softball throw, and the one second it takes to blink before you back into a mailbox – it has become extremely easy to land an unsightly dent on our vehicles. The worst part is that all those do-it-yourself dent repair kits from late night infomercials are worthless when it comes to effectively smoothing out a dent.

In the past few years, you usually had to resort to panel beating techniques to get dents out. This always got messy, because you had to take the car apart, beat out dents, and sand down certain areas and repaint it to match the existing color – but that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays you can just visit our paintless dent repair Indianapolis technicians and they will be able to remove most of your dents quickly – depending on the damage, it could even be a one-day job! No more waiting for a few days or weeks at a time.

There are two different ways that a technician can use paintless dent repair Indianapolis to fix your vehicle.

• From behind the dent.

If access is given to the area behind the damaged metal, pressure can be applied with specific tools to push the area out smoothly.

• From the front.

If there is no access to the area behind the dent, the paintless dent repair Indianapolis technician will use special glues and tabs in order to pull the dent out. Though the process is less accurate, it can easily be corrected by pushing down certain areas again.

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