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If you own a car, sooner or later you will run into a few unsightly dents that will start to pile up on the metal exterior. Each new one seems harmless, and we often forget about them for a while – until the moment when we realize how all of them have seemed to work together to make the car look old and lifeless. Dents are no good for your car. They harm the value and the look, and can sometimes be nagging little reminders that we should do something about it and perform some maintenance on it or take on some vehicle improvement projects.

Over the past few years, however, there have been many new methods that have surfaced and that can help us keep our cars looking brand new. One of the most effective ways of doing this is Indianapolis paintless dent repair. Let’s consider the traditional dent removal methods: they involve a technician taking apart panels of your car and beating the dents out, then repainting the parts and attaching them again. This can cost a small fortune due to the heavy labor, whereas Indianapolis paintless dent repair is much more gentle on your car and your wallet.

There are two main methods that an Indianapolis paintless dent repair technician can use to improve your vehicle’s exterior.

Under the dent.
If the metal panel allows enough space for the technician to slip his tools behind it, then they can simply apply some pressure and push out the dented area gradually and smoothly.

Over the dent.
If the area behind the dent is too small or narrow for them to access, then the technician can use different sets of tools. They can bring together an array of different glues and tabs to be able to successfully pull the dent out then make it smooth to match the rest of the surface.

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