Skill Plays A Vital Part In PDR

Indianapolis paintless dent repair can take many years to perfect. Technicians go to school, get certified, and then take on intense training programs before they are able to effectively smooth out car dents and restore them to their original shape and form. Sometimes we get a few customers who, after seeing our technique, grow curious about whether they could do it on their own. However, there are plenty of reasons why Indianapolis paintless dent repair is so effective, and the main one is that the technicians have to employ a lot of patience and a firm, yet gentle touch.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair often takes an hour or two, and is almost always done in one day. This is why most PDR technicians are mobile and go around from town to town, following heavy storms and recent hail, because they know that a lot of people will need their services in those areas. With just a few calls and some exchanging of photos, a technician should be able to give you a valid estimate on the cost and time that it would take to smooth an area.

PDR can usually only be done on dents that have not cracked the paint or have a crease. The kind of small dents and dings that you see when large hail comes down and litters your car roof and hood, and the kind of dent you get if a kid throws a baseball at the side of your car. These dents are very common, yet they can be difficult to fix. We’re here to make sure that making your car look new doesn’t cost you too much.

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