Panel Beating vs. PDR

When it comes to removing the dents from a vehicle, there are two main methods that the body shop technician can choose to employ. Some companies are divided and specifically tailor to one kind of removal method.

One of the traditional ways of removing dents and dings is panel beating. This is usually seen for larger dents and problem areas, because most people hold off on having this service done until it is inevitable. The sheer cost is enough to drive some car owners away, and for good reason.
Panel beating focuses on removing certain areas and using tools to hammer out dents and dings on the metal. After all of the beating, the area usually needs to be repainted, which has some steep costs associated with it.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair is a cheaper, more efficient alternative to panel beating. It’s a procedure that uses a small range of tools and techniques. Most Indianapolis paintless dent repair body shops hire specialized technicians with vast experience in the field, so that they can get the job done as quickly as possible. Compared to panel beating, this method can take a few hours, but usually your car is returned to you on the same day. With Indianapolis paintless dent repair, the car doesn’t have to be repainted, and the panels don’t have to be taken apart and put back on – not only does this protect the value of your car, but it also ensures that you don’t panic if you happen to walk in on all of the car panels laid out on the floor.

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