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How do you know when the time is right to jump into a recent car repair trend? Well, whenever the insurance companies start backing it up or speaking highly of it. Insurance companies take their risk management very seriously – they know what processes work and which don’t, as well as which are risky and which are likely to get good results. After thorough research, they’ve started to see eye to eye with Charlotte paintless dent repair – and for good reason.
Like you, insurance companies care about the value of your car and the quality of the metal, paint, and just about anything else on it. They know that aftermarket paint jobs are worth less than factory paint jobs, and they’re not as resilient to the elements.
One of the things hat these companies know a lot about is dents. They know that Charlotte paintless dent repair is one of the best options that you can have when getting your car’s dents fixed. When something proves to have consistent results and costs a fraction of the alternative option, it’s generally a good deal. Charlotte paintless dent repair is much more gentle than traditional dent removal methods. It’s more patient and less impact-intensive. It doesn’t involve as much labor or chemicals and added tools – it involves a highly skilled technician and one set of tools that will help massage the dent back out. No frills, no games – just one proven process that will restore your vehicle in a few hours. That sounds pretty good to us.

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