How PDR Works

Have you ever wondered exactly how Indianapolis paintless dent repair works? Most of us would have never heard of it before, had it not been for a hailstorm or string of bad parking lot luck. Dent damage is one of those things that’s inevitable, even if you could bubble-wrap your car and stick it somewhere safe forever – that’s not why cars are built, and any vehicle that is regularly driven will eventually end up with a few dings – but you don’t have to look at them every day. Indianapolis paintless dent repair is the best way of removing little dents and dings on your vehicle without having to pay a large sum of money.

How It Starts

It’s a normal occurrence. You’re out in a parking lot, having fun, and when you get back to your vehicle, there’s a large dent in it. Maybe you look closer at the dent and are lucky enough to find that the paint wasn’t damaged, and that’s good because you don’t want to throw all your money into having an auto body shop fix the dent. You might call a few friends or your insurance company for some advice.

Insurance companies recently have started supporting Indianapolis paintless dent repair because it’s such a cost-effective way of fixing the dent and maintaining the car’s value, so they are likely to recommend it.

How It Happens

Rather than using body fillers, paint thinner, and paint to bend your car back into shape and re-do the paint job, PDR is quite simple, though it requires a high level of skill. The technician massages the dent back into place using patience, specialized sets of tools, and the right amount of pressure in certain areas. The end result is a smooth vehicle that has no dents.

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