How Does PDR Work?

Technology is always changing, and innovation gives way to new inventions and services that turn normal chores into easy work. They also turn expensive, labor-heavy car treatments into cost-effective services. Think of the traditional dent removal method for most cars after they get in a collision: panel beating. Panel beating is an extensive process that involves removing the dented panels from your vehicle and beating them back into shape using very specific angles and movements. It usually takes a while and involves having to repaint the area as a result of all the heavy impact, which means the price is always high.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair is a recent innovation that takes the heavy impact out of it, which means no repainting your vehicle and a much lower bill. It relies mostly on the skill of the technician, because the entire process is a series of pushing and pulling at the dent with special tools that allow it to mold back into its original shape. It’s a gradual process, but works much more efficiently than other methods, and can usually be done in a couple of hours. Indianapolis paintless dent repair is simply more efficient – it saves money, energy, and even protects the value of your car because there won’t be any damage to the surrounding structure.

What method sounds best for you? If you’re in a hurry to get your car looking brand new and need to save money, there is really no better alternative than Indianapolis paintless dent repair.

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