Getting Your Car’s Dents Fixed

Unless you take care of your car constantly, it can easily start looking like someone used it as target practice in a paintball ring. There are certain things that cause a dent in the side of your car, and you can’t always be lucky enough to avoid them. Maybe the weather decided to give your city a sudden hail storm, and a few heavier ice pieces bounced right off the shiny paint. If you have a kid, maybe they were very focused on learning how to play baseball or golf, and the ball thought your car was a very attractive target. The resulting dents could be very interesting, and be a funny story to tell your friends in the future – but right now, you need to fix it.

Paintless dent repair is one of the fastest, cost-effective techniques that your auto body shop can use in order to remove minor dents and dings. This method can’t be used in every situation, and there are several exceptions. For example, if you totaled your car, you can’t fix a gaping hole with this kind of precise dent repair. The success of this method depends on the paint flexibility, how much the metal has stretched from the impact, and whether or not the paint has cracked as a result of the hit.

Most of the paintless dent repair methods use metal rods, body picks, and a variety of different types of glues that will allow the technician to push or pull the dent out. They will be able to use different kinds of lighting that will let them see any remaining deformities in the metal. Not only is this method cheaper than other traditional dent repair methods – it’s also faster.

If you want to get rid of all the little dents and dings that crazy drivers, weather, and pedestrians have left on your vehicle, take your car to an auto body shop that offers paintless dent repair.

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