Evolution of Paintless Dent Removal

Just a few years ago, the most that paintless dent repair could handle was a quarter-sized dent – and now, it can fix dents the size of baseballs. Indianapolis paintless dent repair services are an effective way of cleaning up the dings and dents on the side of your car, because of improvements in the actual body of the car. Car companies have been moving towards stronger metal and durable, flexible paint finishes, so modern vehicles are perfect candidates for this dent repair method.

Insurance companies fully support this new method, as well – in fact, sometimes they even decide to wave the deductible if you choose it instead of traditional dent repair. They have begun to rely on these removal methods when dealing with hail damage and other small dents that are easier to fix with paintless dent removal than with a traditional method.

If you have been looking for a way to fix your car’s dents and dings with a Indianapolis paintless dent repair company, make sure to find a reputable business that will take care of your car as if it were their own. Your car was an investment, and so is any service or treatment you buy for it. Getting dents and dings fixed with PDR will mean that you won’t have to spend extra time and money repainting the car, getting body filler, and it will be much cheaper and faster than a traditional repair method. In fact, sometimes PDR is so fast that it can be completed and the car can be returned to you on the same day. With all the benefits and none of the risks, what is there to think about?

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