Does Your Car Qualify For PDR?

The time has come to take the dents and dings out of your car and have it looking shiny and new for the summer. Summer is the best season for all things car-related – we love getting new paint jobs, tires, and working on the engines to put in that muscle that makes our heart race. However, over time, life’s little mishaps can start to take the life and luster right out of our cars, and that can start to depreciate the value of the vehicle, as well as make us grow a bit anxious. We’ve all watched a kid racing down a grocery store parking lot and cringed, wondering when they were going to accidentally bump or swipe a car and leave a nice little ding for the vehicle owner. Accidents like that can leave our cars looking banged up and broken, even if under the hood, they’re practically new. Now there’s a way to get rid of all those dents without paying a hefty amount for it, and it’s called Indianapolis paintless dent repair.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair is the process of having a patient, highly-skilled technician use tools and pressure to ‘massage’ out your vehicle’s dents. Due to the gentle nature, this will preserve the paint job, make it look like new, and save you money as a result of not having to repaint the vehicle. However, there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind when deciding whether to get Indianapolis paintless dent repair or not:

– The dent should not be longer than a foot.
– The paint job coat should remain intact, without creases, cracks, or chips.
– Older vehicles have paint that is relatively inflexible by today’s standards, so models older than 15 years may not be suitable.
– The location of the dent affects whether the technician will need to use the ‘push’ method or ‘pull’ method. Some areas are more difficult than others, and don’t give the technician enough space to work.

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