Different Auto Dent Repair Techniques

If the dents on your car have piled up over the years and you have finally decided to take the vehicle into a Columbia dent repair shop, you may be interested in finding out more about the available methods before you drop the car off. The type of method that the technician uses depends entirely on the kind of dent that the car has, and the extent of the damage.
For larger dents and any dings that have paint damage, a traditional beating method may be necessary. It is a highly skilled procedure that needs a lot of patience and experience to be able to achieve the best results. The technician needs a specific set of tools that will allow him or her to carry the work out properly. It’s an aggressive technique that will need a lot of physical force, and it may even be necessary to take the car apart in order to focus the strength on one specific piece.
For smaller dents and dings that do not have any paint damage, a different kind of dent removal method is available. It is called paintless dent removal, and it follows some of the same characteristics as panel beating. It needs specific amounts of strength, a specialized set of tools, and the technician needs a lot of patience and expertise. Compared to the aggressive beating method, paintless dent repair is more gentle, and the entire process is a matter of pushing and pulling at the damaged area in order to massage it back to its original shape.
The technician at your Columbia paintless dent repair shop can help educate you on what kind of method would work best for your car’s dings. All you need to do is take the time to head into the auto dent repair shop and speak to a technician.

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