Dents & Budget-Friendly Removal

There are a few ways that people have been able to remove dents through time – and putting a band-aid over the damage isn’t exactly one of them. Neither is beating the life out of your vehicle to try to get the dent out. And you may want to put down the store-bought dent ‘popper’ – unless you want the dent turning from a small depression into a ‘mosquito bite’-shaped hill, you may want to avoid using that thing. The only real way to get a car dent properly removed is to take it to a Charlotte paintless dent repair specialist.

There are two kinds of methods you can use to get your dent removed. The most common way is traditional panel beating, but this is hilariously expensive at times, specially if you want a few dents removed. This is best left for the bigger jobs – like if your kid or drunk friend decided to use your vehicle as a bumper car.

The method we offer is Charlotte paintless dent repair. It’s a bit different and much more budget-friendly – it won’t leave your wallet crying, we can guarantee that much. The difference is with the method involved. Where normal panel beating involves removing a part of your car and physically hitting it, damaging the paint and causing you to have to pay for the paint job, our methods are much more gentle. In fact, to oversimplify it, you could say it’s a matter of massaging the metal back to its original, smooth shape. Sounds friendlier for you and your budget, right? We think so too.

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