Dent Repair & Your Car

After a while, every car needs a good touchup, tune up, paint job, and more. From all of those, one of them doesn’t need to take our entire month’s savings, and can help make your car look brand new as you save up to get everything else fixed. Painless dent repair – heard of it? Most auto shops shorten the name to call it PDR, and it’s a popular dent repair process. It costs less than other traditional methods, and takes less time as well. However, the success of this dent repair process is influenced by the dent itself. If the metal was too warped and stretched, if the paint cracked, and if the actual paint isn’t very flexible, you may have a problem with this method. If you’re one of the lucky ones that received a small dent that didn’t nick the paint, this process is perfect for you.

It’s the cheapest way to get your car looking brand new. There are a few different steps and methods that the technician can use in order to remove the dents and dings. The most common methods use metal rods and picks, and the technicians use these to push the dents out from the inside. They can also use different tools, such as fluorescent lights and reflection boards, to help them see all the shadows and deformities that are still in the metal so that they can properly smooth them out.

Remember to ask your friends, family, and co-workers for any good leads they might have. Since dents are so common, someone will probably have a recommendation for a Columbia vehicle dent repair shop.

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