Dent Removal Techniques

Technology is advancing on a daily basis. There are plenty of different dent removal methods that have now gone out of practice due to better technology and training programs. If you have any dents on your vehicle, you may be interested in learning about different dent removal methods that you could choose for your vehicle.

One of the most widespread dent removal methods is panel beating. These technicians remove the dented panels from your vehicle and use mallets in order to beat out any dents and dings. This involves beating both sides of the panel and re-painting the entire piece. This method tends to be the most expensive, and should be reserved for large dents that already have paint damage.

The most cost-effective method for most dents is Indianapolis paintless dent repair. Like with the other method, it requires a lot of skill and needs much patience and experience from the technician. However, it is less labor-intensive. The dent can be removed right from the vehicle, rather than having to take it apart. Indianapolis paintless dent repair saves you the cost of having to pay for any body filler and paint that a panel beater would need in order to properly fix the car. A PDR technician would only charge you for the skill and time it took to smooth out the dent.

Each dent removal method has its own benefits. The type of dent on your vehicle will dictate which method would work best for it, because not all dents can be fixed with Indianapolis paintless dent repair, but not all dents should be repaired traditionally. It’s all a matter of asking your technician what works best for you.

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