Dent Removal Methods

Unless you get a professional dent removal procedure on your vehicle every few months, little dents and dings are going to pile up over time. It doesn’t matter if you never drive your car or drive it everywhere. Little airborne pebbles on the highway will leave little marks, and the mailbox or fence post will be a bit too close from time to time. However, just because life makes these dents pile up on the side of your vehicle doesn’t mean you have to deal with them. You don’t have to spend a couple hundred dollars just to get your vehicle back to the way it looked when you got it. There are plenty of different dent removal methods that body shops can employ to get your car’s exterior back to smooth.

If you have a few large dents, you may be pressed to go with a traditional panel beating. Whenever a dent is big and deep enough that the paint has stretched too much or gotten a crease, it’s usually best to go with this method. However, it can be an aggressive removal method that will cost much more than the alternative.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair is a bit different. While it can’t be used on dents that are too deep or have some paint damage, all the other ones are fair game. Unlike other removal methods, Indianapolis paintless dent repair is gentler on the exterior of your car. The technician needs a special set of tools in order to push and pull at the metal and take it back to its original shape. It requires a lot of patience, but in the end is much better for your budget, as well as faster. In fact, Indianapolis paintless dent repair can even be done in your driveway by a mobile technician.

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