Can Your Car Get PDR?

Charlotte paintless dent repair is a great way to skip right over getting a traditional panel beating. It’s a way of repairing your car and getting it all to work in your favor without having to dish out thousands of dollars. It’s much more gentle on your vehicle because the technician isn’t removing parts or taking off the current paint job and repainting it later. It’s eco-friendly because it doesn’t involve using paint thinners and sealants. It’s generally the best possible option to repair your car’s dents. However, Charlotte paintless dent repair is not an option for every car and dent, so we’d like to go over some of the limitations that you may have.

Charlotte paintless dent repair works best on dents that are smaller than a foot. It works best on areas that haven’t been stretched or warped too much.
The paint job over the dent should be in one piece – no cracks or chipped pieces.
Sometimes this dent removal method does not work on older cars, and this is entirely due to the age and chemical makeup of the paint. Older paints were more brittle, whereas today’s paints are flexible and built for collision.
The area where the dent is located has a big effect on the dent as well. The technician will need to examine whether they will need to push or pull on the dent to make it return to normal. Certain areas are harder to repair than others due to the space underneath the metal panel.

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