A Skilled Hand

Honing your Charlotte paintless dent repair abilities is not easy. It involves going to school for it and getting certifications – and from there on, you have to go through the process of getting a portfolio together and gaining enough experience to work at a company like PDR. We want to offer our customers the best service possible, so trust us – when you invest in Charlotte paintless dent repair, you’re getting the best skills available. Our technicians work day in and day out to return your cars to their original glory, and they can sometimes make the process look so easy that potential customers consider whether or not they could give it a whirl. You’re more than welcome to try – but trust us when we say that store-bought, ‘As seen on TV’ dent popper kits cannot achieve the same result. In fact, you may end up with bigger problems.

The process starts off with a dent that has an unharmed layer of paint over it. The impact was enough to dent the metal, but for some reason or another, the paint was flexible enough to shift with it and not crack. Do not ruin this by getting a dent popper, which can cause smaller, hidden cracks in the paint that will inevitably cause the paint job over toe area to crack and break off. Charlotte paintless dent repair approaches this from an entirely different angle. We go in with our hands and some tools and carefully massage and shift the metal back to its original spot. No brisk movements, like the ‘pop’ that generic dent poppers usually advertise. If one pop was all it took to dent your car, do you really want to risk doing it again? Being able to remove your dents for a budget price is great. If need be, shop around for different removal tactics, but trust us when we say that PDR may be your best option.

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