A New Dent Repair Method

After a few years of being driven around, most cars need some kind of aesthetic maintenance. Some need paint jobs while other just need a few touch-ups here and there. Some, however, were unlucky enough to get hit by a hailstorm or get into a minor impact. For car owners who don’t want to spend a month’s mortgage on removing vehicle dents, Indianapolis paintless dent repair can be the perfect choice for you. Most auto body shops now call it by ‘PDR’. It’s an effective dent removal tactic that allows you to save money and time when getting your car rejuvenated.

Indianapolis paintless dent repair can be used on just about any vehicle, though not every dent. It works best on dents that don’t have a crease and haven’t suffered any paint damage, but other than that, just about any dent goes. It’s the cheapest, quickest way to get your car looking like it did the day you got it, and most insurance companies even back up the innovation by waiving your deductible if you decide to go for it. It saves you and your insurance company money, as well as preserves the value of your vehicle.

The technicians that execute the service have to use a high level of skull to be able to push and pull the dents back to the original surface. They have to be patient and shift the metal back to its original spot without damaging the existing paint, and this can take some time. However, it is a less impact-heavy method of smoothing out your vehicle, which makes Indianapolis paintless dent repair a lot safer for the vehicle and the metal structure that holds it together.

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